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    WIZARD AND A WARLORD, A by Christopher Stasheff

    Mangus d'Armand, alias Gar Pike, has traveled the universe looking for injustices to right and evil governments to overflow. On Brigante, Pike finds injustice in a self-proclaimed general and his band of brigands, but he doesn't find a government. Without a government, how can the people protect themselves? Pike searches for the government he knows must be there while simultaneously trying to unravel the mystery of Alea, the woman he's coming to love but who snaps at everything he says.

    A WIZARD AND A WARLORD is the seventh in the series of books on Gar Pike. Each of these books explores a different type of society. In each, Pike is forced to learn more about himself and the people around him as he attempts to bring meaning to his life and to the galaxy around him. Until now, Stasheff (see more reviews of novels by this author) has avoided the danger of giving Pike what he wants--keeping the reader's interest high throughout this excellent series (in contrast, Stasheff's WARLOCK IN SPITE OF HIMSELF series gave the protagonist his wishes at the end of the first book making the rest of the series anticlimatic (although the original WARLOCK is a classic).

    If you aren't acquainted with the Rogue Wizard series, you owe it to yourself to discover it. If you have, you'll enjoy this newest installment.

    Three Stars

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