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    WIZARDBORN by David Farland


    TOR, April 2001

    Gaborn, the Earth King, has overstepped his limits and challenged the Earth itself. Although he led his armies to a victory over the reavers, he has lost the ability to warn his chosen of the dangers that threaten him. And he feels the threats now. Threats to his wife, to his friends, and to the entire population of Earth. The danger is days, rather than years away and clearly tied into the magic runes cast by the reavers. Yet his victory over a raiding party exhausted his kingdom. What hope would he have in taking the battle to the deep caves that the reavers call home?

    WIZARDBORN takes place in the days following Gaborn's initial victory over the reavers (see our review of BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF, the previous volume in this series. Gaborn leads his tired army in a long march harassing the reavers' retreat, cutting off those who straggle, and preventing them from finding food or shelter. The reavers may appear to be dumb monsters, but they are learning. If this army returns to its caves, it will certainly share its knowledge and help the reavers become an even more powerful foe.

    Fans of the Runelords series will find that all of the major characters have returned. Borenson and Myrrima continue their strange romance, Rag Ahten schemes to overcome Gaborn at the same time as he fights his own reaver attack, and horsemistress Erin has taken Celinor for her husband and now seeks to prevent another king from attacking Gaborn while he is weakened. Averan, a minor character in BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF has now become a central player with a unique connection to the reavers themselves. IZARDBORN also shows some (much needed) growth in Gaborn. He has begun to accept that he cannot do everything and that he cannot save everyone. His character is gradually becoming appropriate for the one selected as Earth King.

    WIZARDBORN is clearly a transitional book. Events, set in motion in the earlier novels, are now flowing quickly to conclusion. I recommend WIZARDBORN for any serious fan of the series. It should not be read as a stand-alone novel, however and is, for the most part, not essential to the larger story. It is, however, an exciting read. (See all reviews of novels by David Farland).

    Three Stars

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