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    TRANSIT TO SCORPIO by Alan Burt Akers (Dray Prescott)

    DAW, 1972

    Dray Prescott is pulled from life in Napoleonic earth (he was a sailor in the British navy) to a distant world circling Scorpio--really two stars, one red and one green. On Scorpio, Prescott is put through a number of tests and trained to become a Savanti warrior. His attraction for Delia of Delphond causes him to be cast out from the magical city of the Savanti.

    Armed with nothing but his wits, training, and a powerful physique, Prescott must claw his way up from slavery to a position of power if he is to rescue Delia. Even as he struggles, he knows that he is on the world of Scorpio only at the pleasure of the Savanti or the Star Lords. One false step and he will be cast back to earth--forever losing the woman he loves and the new world he has adopted.

    TRANSIT TO SCORPIO is the first in a series that spanned over a decade and constituted over thirty novels. The fish-out-of-water seeks princess story has been told thousands of times, but Akers' writing (in re-issues of these novels, Dray Prescott was presented as the author as these novels adopt the first-person narrative approach) sets this novel and next four in the series near the top of the sub-genre. The introduction of powerful characters who can (and do) yank Prescott to new environments, making him start at the bottom once more, allows Akers to succeed in sequels. Both Prescott and Delia are fully realized characters. Once she recovers from initial injuries, she is protrayed as capable and decisive--a fit mate for Prescott. See more reviews of novels by Alan Burt Akers/Dray Prescott.

    Four Stars

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