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    TACTICS OF MISTAKE by Gordon R. Dickson

    DAW Books, 1970/71

    Cletus Grahame believes that one man can change the universe. Although handicapped and denied effective support by his allies, he rattles his opponents, forces them to walk into his traps, and wins victory after victory. Once he has accomplishes this, he recreates himself, overcoming his injuries through sheer strength of will. To save civilization as he knows it, he must create a new people, capable at war, able to defend themselves and to become a force in the universe.

    TACTICS OF MISTAKE is an early novel in Gordon Dickson's classic Dorsai series (see all reviews of novels by this author). Here we learn the origin of the special powers held by the Dorsai. Cletus goes from victory to victory on the field, but he pays a high price in terms of friendship and of love. Yet, when the final battle comes, Cletus must depend, absolutely, on those whose affections he has abused.

    Dickson is one of the masters of modern Science Fiction and TACTICS OF MISTAKE is one of his best. TACTICS does reflect a little of the cold war mentality that was so prevalent in the Science Fiction of the early 70s, but this does not detract from its power. Highly recommended.

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