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    Review of SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL by Holly Lisle

    BAEN Books, January 1996

    When Dayne Kuttner makes a noble wish, God feels obligated to deliver. But Dayne's wish was that no damnation be eternal and that every soul have the opportunity to repent--even if they were demons. God grants Dayne's prayer in his own way, unleashing a horde of demons on North Carolina. Satan is happy enough with having his minions free on earth, even subject to God's fairly stringent restrictions, but he wants one thing most of all--Dayne Kuttner's soul. To him, that would be the ultimate trophy--and he sends his number 2, Agonostis, to make sure that Dayne is damned.

    Agonostis, fallen angel in charge of lust and fornication, figures that the way to a repressed woman's soul is through, uh, lust and fornication. He creates himself a perfect and perfectly male body and sets off toward seduction and damnation. But Dayne is not dumb, and she certainly isn't going to fall for the obvious tricks. Subtlty and time are called for--and Satan doesn't give a fallen angel much time to work.

    Author Holly Lisle (see all reviews of novels by this author) delivers a charming story. Her Hell is damned not only by flames and fire, but by computers that fight their commands and by imps afraid to tell the truth because the truth can hurt them. Agonostis's crisis--his inability to forgive God for the pain he has created--prevents the easy and obvious solution to the problem and allows Lisle to look more deeply into the nature of humanity in a divine world.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 8/25/02

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