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    THE SHADOWS OF GOD by J. Gregory Keyes


    DEL REY, July 2001

    The united armies of Russia and England are sweeping through the new world, forcing the few who remain to resist them, led by Benjamin Franklin, into Louisiana, the last holdout of man against the angels (fallen or not), that threaten to eliminate the entire human species. Yet Franklin fears that even among his supposed allies, some have agenda of their own--or perhaps agenda of their own angels.

    Working against the clock, Franklin invents and deploys powerful weapons that just might slow even the angelic forces arrayed against them. Meanwhile, allies trickle in, each fleeing from their own defeat.

    Author J. Gregory Keyes has created a fascinating alternate reality. A universe where both the science that Isaac Newton loved, and the magic he studied both work. Better yet, he develops a rich set of characters. Franklin himself, torn between his love for his wife and his yearning for other women; Red Shoes, who holds within him a snake that tries to control him and kill; Adrienne de Mornay de Montchevreuil, who still loves her child although he threatens to destroy the universe; each of these and others are so carefully drawn that the reader becomes emotionally entangled in the novel, truly caring about the people that populate it.

    With the possible exception of the very end, which some readers may find anti-climactic, Keyes keeps up a steady diet of adventure, excitement, and intrigue throughout this fascinating novel.

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    Four Stars

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