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    Review of BLOOD STAR by Rob Preece, August 2017

    Blood Star by Rob Preece cover

    Kari Lorne lives in a lousy lab outside a fleabitten station on a nearly forgotten moon. It isn't much of a life but at least she has her family... until the Security Corporation raids the lab, killing her parents and sending her sister into slavery. Now it's up to Kari to figure out how to survive in a world that treats teenage girls as economic assets, especially given she's been infected with a peculiar virus that makes her a target for anyone seeking a reward.

    For Kari, though, surviving isn't enough. She promised her mother that she would take care of her younger sister... and she intends to do just that, no matter where Shena has been taken, no matter how unlikely the quest. Her search leads her into captivity in a universe where teenage girls like Kari and Shena can be bought and sold by people who want a little fun... and who can be brainwiped if they don't please their masters. Perhaps, Kari realizes, simply surviving wasn't the best idea.

    Author Rob Preece (see more reviews of science fiction and fantasy by Preece) writes a fast-paced and exciting space adventure set in a dystopic future where Earth is cut off from the stars and where, in space, corporations make the laws... and will do just about anything for profit... including business sabotage, slave trading, piracy, and more. It's not a pretty universe, but Kari has to deal with it... or know she failed her sister and her mother's dying request.

    Four stars,

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