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    Review of ANGLES OF ATTACK by Marko Kloos


    47North, April 2015

    Staff Sargent Andrew Grayson has survived a mutiny and survived battle with the alien Lankies. But now he and what’s left of humanity’s navy is stuck on an overcrowded colony planet on the verge of starvation. With Lankies in the solar system and in control of Mars, getting back to Earth is a long shot… but it’s the only way the tattered task force, made up of former enemies, is going to get fed. More to the point, it’s the only way Grayson can make his wedding date with his fiancée, and he intends to make that date.

    Grayson volunteers for what is likely a suicide mission, infiltrating the solar system through a Russian transition point, past whatever Lanky pickets set around the transition node, and then making it through the outer solar system to Earth, assuming Earth remains in human hands at all. Even if they can get past the Lankies with the North American Alliance stealth ship, is there any chance they can bring their entire fleet?

    Author Marko Kloos writes a compelling military SF tale mixing fast-paced action with engaging characters. Grayson makes a sympathetic protagonist with is burning desire to get back home to his fiancée, his growing friendship with the Russian Dmitry Chistyakov, and his loyalty to his shipmates. Kloos avoids making his story one of evil aliens and noble humans. Kloos’s humans, like those in the real world, come in different varieties and Grayson and his allies find that their fellow humans present as much of a danger as do the aliens.

    Kloos planted some questions that I was hoping he’d answer… why were the Lankies acting lethargic in the first battle? Why do their ships appear organic and unique rather than mass produced and mechanical like those of the human fleets? I suspect I’ll have to read more books in the series to find the answers. Well, I enjoyed ANGLES OF ATTACK so I’ll look forward to doing just that.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 4/21/16

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