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    Review of RED HAIR AND GOLD by Vanessa Knipe

    St. Van Helsing, April 2013

    Red Hair and Gold cover Enforcement of the rules of magic is left up to the militant arm of the Church of England--the Church of St. Van Helsing. Demons, vampires and other magical monsters chafe at the limits put on them by the church, and plenty of humans seek the power that these monsters promise... no matter what the price. It's up to students like Josh to control the magic and keep the monsters from bursting the limits and overwhelming the island of Britain.

    In Red Hair and Gold (a short story in the St. Van Helsing universe), author Vanessa Knipe tells of student Josh's attempt to determine what's behind a magic outbreak in York, England. Between his own magical skills and the brass knuckles in his pocket, Josh feels confident... but overconfidence can be deadly.

    Red Hair and Gold is a fun introduction to the St. Van Helsing univese... and it's available for FREE in multiple eBook formats. Download your format of choice from the links below.

    NOTE: Red Hair and Gold is now available as part of the SHADOW AND SALVATION collection. Buy the entire collection in multiple eBook formats (only $3.99) by clicking the Buy Now button below:

    Reviewed 7/27/13

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