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    Review of MARTIANS, MONSTERS AND PEPPERONI PIZZA by Michael A. Kechula

    100 Speculative Fiction Tales, October 2012

    Adventures in Otherwhen cover When Martians invade, will they do so with bombs and spaceships, or perhaps with jelly donuts and pepperoni pizza? What's the King of the Whales up to when he asks a con-man to buy pizza for his subjects? If some dead aliens have escaped from Area 51, is there a black market in their body parts? What, exactly, do zombies want... and might they be happier with chocolate chip cookies than human brains?

    Author Michael A. Kechula (see more reviews of stories by Kechula) has become a leading voice in the modern 'flash' fiction world. These super-short stories combine everyday situations with bizarre twists, delivering a combination of laughs and contemplative the 'what if?'. MARTIANS, MONSTERS AND PEPPERONI PIZZA offers 100 of these stories, many previously published in magazines but gathered here for the first time.

    One nice thing about super-short stories is that they can be read in a moment--while waiting for the bus, in line at the grocery store--or right now while you're browsing. Check out the compete story, "The Big Swap" from MARTIANS, MONSTERS AND PEPPERONI PIZZA absolutely free. (This story is available in HTML only. The complete work is available in multiple eBook formats).

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/27/12


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