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    Review of ADVENTURES IN OTHERWHEN by Teel James Glenn

    Tales of Pulp Fantastique, October 2012

    Reader review by Toni V. Sweeney

    A Texan adventurer named Robert E. Howard meets a German adventure writer named Adolf Hitler in the Arabian desert. Moxie Donovan uses a Dr. Shadows secret decoder ring to fight off Nazis determined to invade the realm of the Fae.

    A Time Cop and his partner, a very erudite chimpanzee, go undercover at a magician´┐Żs convention to find a killer.

    A British soldier left for dead in the desert is rescued by the Queen of Sheba.

    A young German is transformed into a clockwork automaton in order to win the woman of his dreams.

    Once again, the facile mind of Teel James Glenn conjures up an alternate universe, where the real and the unreal, the famous and the infamous may mingle and bring about fabulous adventures they would never have dreamed about in our world. From his familiar character, Moxie Donovan, to a Time-Cop operating in the Otherwhen,these half-dozen stories are entertaining and thought-provoking.

    RATING: 5 stars

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