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    Review of CITADELS OF THE LOST by Tracy Hickman


    Daw, July 2011

    Legend says that Drakis would someday lead the slaves and overthrow the elves. Of course, legend says a lot of things and just because Drakis managed a minor revolt doesn't mean he thinks he can change the world. A lot of other people, though, think differently. Now, the elves have sent their legions on an offensive drive to destroy the humans and other races flocking to the banner of the prophet, and nothing seems able to stop their combination of magic and trained brutality. Meanwhile, Drakis himself, with only a small band, has traveled through a gateway into the deteriorating land where once humans and dragons reigned together.

    Once, humans and their dragon partners controlled the magic that wells up from the earth--but all of that is lost, and the dragons hate the humans for the betrayal. For centuries, though, the elves have defeated everyone who opposed them--and a small band of ex-slaves seem unable to reverse the situation. Instead of leading the enslaved races to freedom, all Drakis seems likely to accomplish is giving the elves an obvious target.

    Author Tracy Hickman (see more reviews of fantasy by Hickman) writes a fast-paced adventure with plenty of magic, evil elves, loud-mouthed dwarves, and dragons. It's not great literature, and it's certainly going to be quite familiar to those who follow fantasy. I would have liked to see a bit more in the way of character growth and more nuance in the good vs. evil battle. Still, CITADELS OF THE LOST is an enjoyable fast read.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 10/03/11

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