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    Review of ALL THE WINDWRACKED STARS by Elizabeth Bear (see her website)


    Tor, October 2008

    The angels and tainted met in battle at the end of the world and destroyed one another. One angel ran from battle, afraid. One refused to fight after promising both sides. And one mount, badly wounded, survived. The three move on to another age of the world but it too is coming to an end. The angel who refused seeks to hurry the end while the other two battle him. Still, among angels and humans, alliances may shift and what appears to be good may, in fact, serve evil and destruction.

    Author Elizabeth Bear creates an interesting blend of fantasy and mythology. The angel Muire, who fled battle due to fear, makes a sympathetic character, constantly disappointed with herself for her cowardice, yet refusing to die and making a continued contribution to the development of the human (post angelic) world. Strong writing and intriguing characters sustained my interest in Muire's struggles with herself and with the shifting alliances of good and evil. Bear wrapped the story up in an action-packed battle and delivered a satisfying conclusion.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/25/09

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