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    Review of THE DRAGON'S VEIL by Sherri Godsey

    Reader's Eden, February 2009

    Princess Shaila is bored--and not at all content with her choice of potential husbands. All of the local princes are boring and either too ugly, too perfect or simply too greedy for her lands rather than her as a person. What she really wants, she decides, is a warrior. There's only one problem--there hasn't been a warrior around for a thousand years.

    A thousand years before, after destructive war between dragons and humans, the dragons, along with a few of the more peaceful humans, built a veil, a protective layer of permanent storm to separate the dragons from warlike humans. The humans on the other side of the veil still battle, still murder one another, still scheme. And that, Shaila decides, is exactly where she needs to go to find her husband-to-be--one with muscles and scars, she decides. All she needs to do is persuade her dragon, Galvistor, to pierce the veil.

    Ignoring prophesy, Galvistor takes Shaila through the veil, drops her on top of a warrior, and then heads off in search of food--his animal instincts taking control over his intellectual prowess. Shaila finds that warriors are as sexy as she'd hoped, but there seems to be a lot of anger there.

    Self-absorbed Shaila takes a while to warm up to, and Captain Breedyn Sol, commander of the company of soldiers assigned to eliminate the Borken, doesn't trust women anyway. Especially not lying women. Even more especially beautiful lying women. And lush Shaila is every soldier's dream.

    With the piercing of the veil, the thousand-year separation is coming to an end. The peace and beauty of Shaila's kingdom is doomed. Yet, the eternal losing battle of Breedyn's home may also be changing at last.

    Author Sherri Godsey combines humor with action to construct an amusing and engaging story. Breedyn, along with his two lieutenants, are certainly the most compelling characters and the story really gets going when we're with them. The oddessy of Breedan's enemy, Valmon, seems a setup to the second volume of this story--as is the promised but not yet delivered romance between Shaila and Breedyn.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/20/09

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