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    Review of THE AREA 51 OPTION by Michael A. Kechula


    The Area 51 Option cover Zombies have invaded the U.S., but one political party is hoping to promote brotherly love. A young girl sells nice dreams for a nickel, but be sure to read the fine print. Gorillas teach kindergarten, or deliver unexpected refrigerators. Magical gypsies deliver predictions that have uncomfortable ways of coming true. People unhappy with their own lives can enjoy someone else's past for a cheap price...but be careful of the sudden ending. In the land of the novel-writers, poets beware.

    From zombies to space aliens to fortune-telling gypsies to ancient and magical statues, author Michael Kechula (see more reviews of speculative fiction by Kechula) delivers 71 complete stories of speculative fiction. Kechula has become a leader in 'flash fiction,' super-short stories that contain characters, dialogue, and a complete plot, all within a very small number of words. In THE AREA 51 OPTION AND 70 MORE TALES OF SPECULATIVE FICTION, Kechula shows why he's been so successful.

    THE AREA 51 OPTION joins the earlier FULL DECK OF ZOMBIES as a truly substantial collection of charming and often weird tales.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/18/09

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    THE AREA 51 OPTION is no longer in print.

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