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    Review of THE GYPSY MORPH by Terry Brooks


    Del Rey, August 2008

    Terrorism, war, environmental irresponsibility, and strange diseases are bringing Earth to its end. The elves, in their mountain cities, watch helpless as humans destroy the earth and mutate into bestial, or demonic forms. One young man, the so-called Gypsy Morph, is given responsibility to bring a band of children and their caregivers into the Rocky Mountains where, somehow and impossibly, a new world will be created--or found. The elves are supposed to join him, but they have their own issues and their level of trust is low--especially as demons have infiltrated their city.

    Two Knights of the Word, Angel and Logan Tom have been given the responsibility of protecting both the Morph and the elvish city. Two knights, a few elvish scouts, and a band of frightened children seem like helpless prey to the army of demons and not-men stalking them. Especially as both knights have been injured and are emotionally damaged. And the band of children, like the Israelites being led out of Egypt, have their own conflicts and concerns as they flee from what seemed like relative safety into ever-increasing danger, led by a boy who doesn't understand where he's leading them and can act only on faith.

    Author Terry Brooks (see more reviews of fantasy by Brooks) continues his GENESIS OF SHANNARA series with a fast-paced adventure. Logan Tom finally comes face-to-face with the demon who destroyed his family, Hawk, the Gypsy Morph, learns his girlfriend's secret, and struggles with the responsibilities he's been given--and with the limits of his own power. And Earth itself, brutalized by humanity's abuse of the environment, suffers one last horrible blow. Still, with the entire planet disrupted, what hope can the band of children have?

    Brooks focusses on three primary characters--the two Knights and the Morph, but occasionally takes time out to look into more minor characters--such as the always complaining but somehow likable Panther, as well as the elf-boy Kirisin, wielder of the elfstones. A preface, with a lone soldier deep beneath the mountains in a nuclear launch site, adds to the atmosphere of current doom accompanied by future hope. Fans of Brooks's SHANNARA stories will definitely want to learn how SHANNARA evolved out of earth. GENESIS OF SHANNARA, of which THE GYPSY MORPH forms the concluding chapter, is a major work of synthesis between SF and fantasy.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/13/08

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