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    Review of FROM DEAD TO WORSE by Charlaine Harris (see her website)


    Ace, May 2008

    Sookie Stackhouse is trying to live a normal life, but it's rough considering her first boyfriend is trying to get her back, her one-time lover, Eric, still can't remember what they did but knows something went on, her roommate turned her own lover into a cat, and her supposed current boyfriend, weretiger Quinn is a definite no-show. A complicated love life is only one of her problems, though. Someone is killing werewolf females and that's definitely outside the rules. And there's a strange vampire on the prowl. With the Louisiana vampire 'kingdom' still in trouble from Katrina and from a terrorist bombing, the situation is unstable. And then there's Sookie's troublesome brother whose marriage definitely is not going well.

    Author Charlaine Harris (see more BooksForABuck.comr reviews of novels by Harris) combines humor and adventure in a highly satisfying story. Sookie continues to be unlucky in love (probably because she can't see that her boss, Sam, is the right guy for her). Stackhouse is a wonderfully sympathetic character. She cares deeply about family (although, or maybe because, her own family is highly dysfunctional), is always willing to pitch in to help others--whether this means participating in a wedding at the last minute, standing in for her brother when marriage problems among the werepanthers require it, fighting invading werewolves, or dealing with a war among the vampires. Inviting another houseguest, one she really doesn't want, is the perfect touch to show her character.

    In FROM DEAD TO WORSE, one mystery is resolved--we learn how Sookie got her fairy blood. But Sookie's life continues to be complicated--and looks like it will continue to be a bit of a disaster for a while to come--we can hope so because Sookie's problems make great reading.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 5/31/08

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