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    Review of THE FIVE JEWELS by A. W. G. Coleman (see the website)


    The former members of the Action and Adventure club have become Fantasmal Warriors, destined to defend the planet Mendala against the ruthless Davron who, equiped with the Book of War, can call up huge armies of indestructible monsters. The Warriors learn that only one means exists to destroy the Book of War--if the Five Jewels can be recovered, even the Book will be helpless against them. Unfortunately, Davron already holds one of the jewels--they'll have to confront him while he still holds the book and controls his monsters. Meanwhile, Davron has convinced one of the A&A Club members that she's his wife and Tabatha will do everything in her power to help him, especially if it means killing her one-time boyfriend, Ace.

    Because Davron knows they intend to recover the jewels, he is able to slow them down, but Fantasma, the ruler of the planet, together with the Warriors, have resources of their own--including the first Daughter of the Sun in ten thousand years. Gradually, they are able to recover most of the jewels--but Davron uses treachery to dash their hopes just when it looks as if they may have a chance.

    Author A. W. G. Coleman (see more reviews of novels by Coleman) creates an intriguing world of magic and adventure. Young adults, in particular, may enjoy the teenage characters, torn from a world where they simply imagined adventure, being thrown into situations where they are given extraordinary abilities and called upon to save the world. Their ability to step into the championship game of Mendala's national sport, hyperball, and challenge the planet's top team certainly taps into fantasies that many teens share.

    I think THE FIVE JEWELS would have benefited from at least one more round of editing. Frequent misuse of words such as you're for your, it's for its, and others slow the reading. So too did Coleman's sometimes clunky language. The story itself seemed a bit straighforward for a long novel in a series--I would have prefered to see a bit more complexity in character motivation and growth. Still, Coleman kept the pace high, with monsters, evil mages, and dangerous terrain confronting our heroes at every step. THE FIVE JEWELS is flawed, but it still makes for mostly enjoyable reading.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 7/01/08

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