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    Review of AFTER THE DRAGON by Wendy Palmer (see her website), January 2008

    After the Dragon cover Trick Ullwyn has tried to keep his head down, but being the chosen priest of the goddess Fortune means that things happen. So he isn't completely surprised when one of his cousins tracks him down. His cousin Faustus isn't alone, though. Faustus seems to be under the glamour of a DarkElf, and the two have decided that only Trick can help the DarkElf, Mizzle, win her way to the forests of the LightElves. What she'll do thare, nobody is willing to discuss, but Trick has had enough experience with DarkElves to know it can be nothing good.

    Since he lost his wife, Trick has not really cared whether he lives or dies, and he agrees to go along on the crazy adventure. What he finds along the way is much what he anticipates--lots of chances to die, plenty of people who want nothing more than to kill a DarkElf and everyone with her, and some extraordinary luck--courtesy of the goddess Fortune. But Mizzle increasingly becomes a mystery for Trick. He'd thought he had her figured out--thought she would be like every other DarkElf. Yet sometimes her she shows a kind of control extraordinary for her people. Then again, sometimes she is as cruel and arbitrary as a winter storm.

    Thanks to a giant in the mountain, Trick and Mizzle pick up allies of sorts--a boy who can cast illusion and a DarkElf long exiled from his people. Each, though, holds onto secrets that just might mean the death of everyone in their party. And death comes looking for them when they come into contact with the Moon Cult Priestesses who killed Trick's wife.

    Author Wendy Palmer creates a vivid and magical world. Damaged and angry Trick makes an intriguing protagonist but Mizzle, the DarkElf pursued by a deadly squad of her own people, battling for self-control, and judged harshly for every step she makes, is driving force behind the story. Palmer makes the cold winter nights, the pain of battle, and the suffering of betrayal all come alive. (See more reviews of novels by Wendy Palmer)

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/12/08

    AFTER THE DRAGON is no longer available from

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