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    Review of HELLGATE: LONDON: EXODUS by Mel Odom (see his website)


    Pocket Star, June 2007

    For centuries, the Templars have hidden underground practiced their warrior techniques, and prepared for the day when demons would once more attack the earth. Simon Cross, once a Templar, had abandoned that order when he lost faith in demons. But when the demons attack, he returns to London--only to find that his father has been killed in a deliberate sacrifice. The Templars are desperate for fighters and are willing to take Simon back--under certain conditions. But can Simon put up with the petty rules and politics at a time when humanity itself is in danger of destruction?

    Warren Schimmer has always had a bit of power--enough to manipulate little things. But he's never been able to capitalize on that power--except the one time he saved his own life and forced his stepfather to commit suicide rather than murder. When the demons invade London, he's caught in the middle, hunting for food and water in a city that increasingly is becoming a part of the hellish environment of whatever dimension the demons are crossing from. But the demon invasion is more than just a danger to Warren. Somehow the same powers that allow the demons access to Earth have raised his own magic to higher levels. Warren attracts the attention of the secretive Cabal--and, all too soon, the attention of a demon lord who has his own plans for Warren--and for Earth.

    Both Warren and Simon has survived difficult relationships with the father figures in their lives. Both are now orphans, surrounded by supposed allies who have little love for them. Clearly their destinies are somehow linked--but will destiny and the demon invasion bring them together, are they doomed to become enemies?

    Author Mel Odom (see more reviews of novels by Odom) kicks off an exciting video-game-based series with an action-packed thriller. Set in the near future (2020) after a demon invasion, HELLGATE: LONDON: EXODUS provides all the action and fighting detail you'd expect from a video-game-based story, but Odom doesn't neglect character development. Simon might be a bit too perfect, but Odom humanizes him with his past history of recklessness and rebellion. Warren is not exactly anyone you'd want to bring home, but his history goes a long way toward explaining his situation and making him sympathetic even as he grows ever-more creepy.

    Odom writes page-turning prose, with new dangers around every corner. Every time Simon or Warren thinks they can finally breathe safely, another threat pops up. If you enjoy solid action, demons, and sword-wielding knights, you'll definitely want to grab a copy of HELLGATE: LONDON: EXODUS.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/18/07

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