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    Review of PROVEN GUILTY by Jim Butcher (see his website)


    Roc, May 2006

    Warden Harry Dresden is tortured by guilt over two killings he made--killings he believes were necessary but were made in cold blood. The trial of a young warlock, hopelessly corrupt though he may be, raises Dresden's guilt to a higher level. He's already conflicted when the Gatekeeper lets him know that dark magic has infected his own city of Chicago. But staying alive long enough to investigate is going to be a problem. Someone attempts a hit-and-run assassination on Dresden, monsters straight out of slasher-horror movies are haunting the theaters and streets of Chicago, and conflict between the summer and winter courts of the Seelie have prevented the fae from providing any aid to the White Council as it battles with the vampire Red Court.

    The action never lets up as Dresden confronts one foe after another--with each success, each survival, only throwing him into deeper trouble and more danger. When his best friend's daughter becomes involved, Dresden's personal stake grows much higher. All of the IOUs he's painfully accumulated may not be enough to get him out of the mess alive--especially because his own allies are the ones most likely to be gunning for him.

    Author Jim Butcher (see more reviews of novels by Butcher) delivers what may be the strongest and most compelling of his DRESDEN FILES novels yet. Rich with subplots, filled with angst as well as action, and set in a wonderfully complex piece of world-building, PROVEN GUILTY grabs the reader and throws him into Dresden's world. Dresden himself makes a wonderful character--simultaneously hard-boiled and sentimental. Secondary characters, especially Dresden's brother Michael, possible love interest, Murphy, Skull Bob, and Dresden's mysterious dog, Mouse add interest.

    Fans of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files will definitely want to grab this one. If you enjoy urban fantasy and you haven't discovered Butcher yet, PROVEN GUILTY will definitely make a believer out of you. I'm happy to recommend this one highly. Well done, Jim Butcher.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/30/06

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