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    Review of MICAH by Laurell K. Hamilton (see her website)


    Jove Books, February 2006

    When a friend's wife goes into early labor, Vampire Hunter, US Marshal, and re-animator Anita Blake gets the call. She's to fly to Philadelphia, reanimate a dead man, and help cross-examine the zombie version of the dead man. With Anita's fear of flying, and her sex problem (she needs to have a ready supply of sex or else she'll take it from whomever is available), taking along a friend/lover is a good idea and were-panther Micah volunteers. It's a big deal for him--although they've been together for months, they haven't been alone together--and Micah likes the idea of taking Anita to bed by himself for a change.

    Things get complicated when Anita reaches the graveyard. Power seems everywhere and she isn't really in control of herself, her power, or anything around her. When the zombie turns out stronger than she'd imagined, and when a criminal's plot gets tangled, things get really messy for Anita.

    Fans of author Laurell K. Hamilton (see more reviews of novels by Hamilton) (1) sex--lots of sex, preferably with multiple men; (2) the supernatural--vampires, werewolves, the whole urban fantasy mix; and (3) complicated plots with lots of twists and with really powerful and sneaky badguys. MICAH comes close, but it doesn't really deliver on any of these three.

    The sex scene (yes, you read that right--only one sex scene) is graphic and sexy--if you like the idea of size being a fundamental issue. With Micah being a were-leopard, you'd expect plenty of fantasy stuff, but really the only fantasy element we really got a look at was the zombie--who showed up very late in the story. And the plot really didn't contain many twists or many chances for Anita Blake to do kick-ass activities.

    Hamilton fans will want to read MICAH to keep tabs on Anita, see how she's developing with her power and in her relationships with the many men in her life, but if you miss MICAH, I suspect you'll be able to pick up the pieces with no problem--there just isn't a lot here. Still, Hamilton is a good enough author that she delivers entertainment as she goes--you won't regret reading this story, and it goes fast. It just feels a lot more like cotton candy than I'd expect from Hamilton.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 4/17/06

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