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    Review of A MATTER IN TIME by Michael A. Faris (see his website)

    THE DOODA: Volume 2, December 2006

    A Matter in Time cover The crew of the airship Judy has finally found the magical talisman it has long sought--and escaped from those who also seek this object, The Dooda, for their own purposes. But their escape brings additional danger. While the power of The Dooda has helped them escape their captors, that escape has also carried them out of their own world--at least out of their world as they knew it. While the geography remains the same, the people are missing. Surviving in a strange land, and ultimately learning enough of The Dooda's secrets to return home is a critical mission.

    As the crew explores the power of The Dooda, though, they learn that simply surviving is not enough. Bringing the Dooda back to their own timeline won't eliminate the danger that The Dooda has opened. In fact, there is already a Dooda-created path between their own universe and that of the warlike reggin. Unless they are able to do something, their entire world will soon be overwhelmed.

    Author Michael A. Faris (see more reviews of novels by Faris) continues his epic fantasy adventure with the second volume of The Dooda series. Combining compelling world-building, intriguing speculation on the nature of time and space, and high adventure, A MATTER IN TIME is certain to appeal to fans of both fantasy and science fiction.

    Four Stars

    Approximately 98,000 words.

    Reviewed 12/07/06

    A MATTER IN TIME is available for only $3.99. To buy this novel, in electronic form (available in HTML, Adobe Acrobat PDF, eReader (Palm Reader), Mobipocket (Kindle), Sony Reader, Microsoft Reader and ePub formats), click the 'Buy Now' button below (orders are processed by PayPal for your safety.

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