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    Review of FLIGHT OF THE NIGHTHAWKS by Raymond E. Feist (see his website)


    EOS, April 2006

    Caleb might be the son of the most powerful mage in the world, but when his lover asks him to take the two boys she's raised as sons and apprentice them, he agrees to do so. He plans to find a comfortable place for them to work, but when they are attacked by bandits, the two find themselves apprenticed to Caleb himself. And Caleb has a very dangerous job indeed. Working for his father and the Conclave of Shadows, Caleb must help track down the evil wizard who threatens their entire plane of existance. Taking the boys with him, he heads for the great Empire of Kesh--where rumors say that a dangerous band of assassins, the Nighthawks, intends to play a destablilizing role in the empire--with effects that may be felt for centuries.

    After tough training, the boys are ready for their adventure. But things in Kesh are even more dangerous than anyone had suspected--and the Nighthawks lead the entire Conclave of Shadows team into a trap. Worse, no one can guess what form the danger will take. And without that, it'll be impossible to head off the horrible danger.

    Although FLIGHT OF THE NIGHTHAWKS is the first in a new series, author Raymond E. Feist (see more reviews of novels by Feist) brings back many characters from earlier novels. Combining experienced mages and warriors with young protagonists will appeal to both young and adult readers, and Feist has a way of bringing up philosophical questions in an intriguing context--with plenty of colorful secondary characters. One in particular, Bek, the man who contains a small piece of the Nameless God, seems destined for far more in future stories.

    I would have liked to see a bit more cleverness on the part of the Conclave. It seemed to me that they spent too much time wandering into traps and fighting their way out. Still, Feist is a master of fantasy and FLIGHT OF THE NIGHTHAWKS was a hard story to put down.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 5/09/06

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