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    Review of DEFINITELY DEAD by Charlaine Harris (see her website)


    Ace Books, May 2006

    Sookie Stackhouse is in trouble. She's still getting over her breakup with Bill the Vampire (and her breakup with Eric the Vampire), but she can't get away from them because the Vampire Queen of Louisiana is insisting that Sookie join her in New Orleans. Then there's the Pelt family, looking for their lost daughter (whom Sookie had killed). The one bit of good news--Sookie has a new man in her life--Quinn. That Quinn is good news is hardly surprising considering he's a complete hunk who seems to have fallen for her hard, but then he is a were-tiger, and were-tigers are, shall we say, dangerous.

    There's no question that Sookie is being attacked. But she's made several enemies and it's sometimes hard for her to keep track of who is attacking and why. Still, the extended wedding ceremonies for the marriage between the Queen of Louisiana and the King of Arkansas (vampire weddings are about power, not about love and certainly not about children) seems to be at the center of most of the problems. This particular marriage seems even less to be based on love than usual and simply surviving the festivities might be impossible. Even vampires, let alone ordinary paranormal women like Sookie, are turning up definitely dead.

    Author Charlaine Harris (see more reviews of novels by Harris) delivers another well written and exciting installment in the Southern Vampire series. Sookie is definitely deepening as a character and, while some of Sookie's charming Naiveté has faded, fans will recognize that this is an essential part of her character growth. Sookie was never stupid, simply thrust into an environment beyond her experience.

    Between the vampire war and the continuing efforts of the Pelt family, DEFINITELY DEAD is a roller coaster ride of adventure. Harris steps back a bit from the Fellowship of the Sun, which was a major antagonist in earlier books, but there are definitely hints that this hate organization is still active and will strike again. This is one of the best (so far) in a very strong series.

    And yes, the plot owes just a bit ot the Three Musketeers.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/12/05

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