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    Review of CAST IN COURTLIGHT by Michelle Sagara (see her website)

    Luna, August 2006

    Kaylin just wants to be a cop. Unfortunately for her, even this simple goal isn't easy to realize. The cops insist that she take classes, study becoming a wizard--although that's the last thing she wants to be. And the mysterious, elf-like Barrani, are constantly suspicious of her because she bears the sign of the traitor, Nightshade, on her face. That she never asked for the mark doesn't even begin explain--from their standpoint. Still, when she saves the younger son of the Lord of the High Court, the Barrani agree not to murder her outright. And when that son asks for her attendance at a mysterious Barrani gathering, neither her Hawk-cop bosses, nor the Dragon-wizard who's teaching her dare say no.

    In the halls of the High Court, Kaylin finds herself tested. No mortal has ever been challenged by the Court--certainly none has survived. Yet the younger son believes that Kaylin just might hold the key to saving his older brother. The possible cost to Kaylin doesn't seem to enter into the equation at all.

    Author Michelle Sagara combines compelling world-building with the intriguing character of Kaylin. Although Kaylin is sarcastic, often childish, and prone to act without thinking (something that is definitely not a good idea in the High Court, her suffering and the way that she battles with tough choices gained her my sympathy and tugged on my emotions. Sagara's writing is occasionally cryptic, but once the story really gets going, this is a hard book to put down.

    CAST IN COURTLIGHT is part of a series featuring Kaylin and Nightshade. Although it can be read alone, I suspect it would be even stronger if I'd read the first book in the series before I came upon this one. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for the next.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/18/06

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