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    Review of ANDROMAKHE by Kristina O'Donnelly (see her website)


    Part of O'Donnelly's LANDS OF THE MORNING Series and Rose International Publishing

    Andromakhe: Complete cover Caught in a world being transformed, Princess Andromakhe still worships the triple goddess, but patriarchal gods and patriarchal lines of descent are everywhere overcoming the older ways. When her father offers Andromakhe up in marriage to cement his ancient alliance with Troy, Andromakhe can do nothing but obey--which isn't too bad as she is to marry Hektor (Hector), the great Trojan prince and champion. But Andromakhe was born with a prophesy that her blessing would turn to tragedy and soon war swirls around the gates of Troy as the Greek heroes unite to destroy the powerful city and reclaim the Spartan Princess, Helen, who seeks to use Alexis (Paris) to reclaim the maternal rule over Sparta.

    ANDROMAKHE re-tells the great siege of Troy, with its heroic defenders and powerful attackers. From the tragedy of Troy, Andromakhe is next enslaved by Pyrros the son of Achilles, Hektor's killer. Surviving, and creating a new life for the other survivals of the great Trojan destruction becomes Andromakhe's dream.

    Viewed by history as the 'good wife,' in contrast to bad-wife, Helen, in ANDROMAKHE, this powerful princess becomes both more human and more three-dimensional. Andromakhe loves her husband, joins with him in his hopeless battle to overcome the fates and oracles that assure the destruction of Troy and of their way of life. She recognizes her role as a commodity in the game of Empire, but wishes she could be an Amazon like Penthesilea, the Amazon Queen. Through the story, she never gives up her dream of creating a new home for her people--and her sons.

    Author Kristina O'Donnelly (see more reviews of novels by O'Donnelly) creates a respectful, but different vision of the ancient Troy story as told by Homer and the Greek playwrights. Rather than the male-centered heroics of Homer, O'Donnelly tells of the women they leave behind--of Andromakhe, Kassandra (Cassandra), Helen, and Hekabe, Priam's Queen and the mother of so many children killed in battle. O'Donnelly's research lets her bring an added dimension to the story--and to the magic. Magic, fate, prophesy, talking animals, and reincarnation all play a role in this richly textured and powerful story.

    Set in a time of heroes, O'Donnelly fills her story with not only the Homeric characters of Achilles, Agamemnon, Helen, Hektor, Odysseus Telemachus, and Paris, but also with the figures that came afterwards--Hermione, daughter of Helen, Orestes, Cassandra, and with the earlier myths, recounted as recent history during the story. O'Donnelly's retelling of these myths includes an understanding of the battle between Goddess-worship and the worship of Olympian gods, which increases our sympathy for the women of the age who were often fighting for their traditional rights.

    ANDROMAKHE: THE COMPLETE CYCLE consists of two novels. Volume I tells the epic story of the Trojan War, with Andromakhe and Hektor challenging the fates and attempting to save that doomed nation. Volume II continues Andromakhe's life as she is led into captivity--and struggles with her dream of re-establishing the great Trojan civilization.

    ANDROMAKHE is a part of O'Donnelly's LANDS OF THE MORNING series, but can be read independently.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/05/06

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    ANDROMAKHE has been named 2006 Historical Novel of the year by POW!. Congratulations, Kristina.

    Here's what author Piers Anthony has to say: "It's a grim, hard-hitting story showing the subjugation of women that was and still is standard practice in much of the world." Thanks, Piers Anthony. (P.S. Check out some of our reviews of Piers Anthony's books here.)

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