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    Review of TREASON KEEP by Jennifer Fallon


    TOR, November 2004

    After defeating the evil Joyhinia, the soldiers of Medalon prepare for the Karien invasion. The Karein armies (ruled by the evil god Xaphista) gather to attack atheistic Medalon, threaten to impose their fearful religion on Medalon and put women in the subservient position their god demands, but they'll need more than mere numbers to push through the powerful defenses of Treason Keep. Unfortunately for Medalon and its allies, Xaphista has plans--including an alliance with rich Fardohnya to the south of Medalon.

    The only ultimate solution is to defeat Xaphista himself--and only the 'demon child' can do this. But the demon child is a willful young woman, completely unprepared to face the power of an angry and evil god. The primal gods need to toughen her up--even though 'toughening' just might persuade her to switch her allegiances to the very god who threatens all of their existence. Because a god-killer is a double-edged weapon.

    Author Jennifer Fallon (see more reviews of novels by Fallon) continues her powerful Hythrun saga with a continent-sprawling adventure. The gods play their games, Adrina, Princess of Fardohnya, finds herself betrayed by her father and then her husband, hopeful spy Mikel, tries to decide how to serve the Overlord, R'shiel, the demon child, battles herself and her fears, and Damin Wolfblade tries to balance his ambition with his loyalties.

    Fallon's strong writing and interesting characters draw the reader into the story. Adrina, in particular, is a complex and interesting character--often gullible, sometimes stupid, but frequently charming and clever as well. The Overlord's schemes keep the protagonists hopping as he twists each of their plans to his own advantage.

    If you enjoyed MEDALON, the first story in this series, you'll definitely want to add TREASON KEEP to your list. Unlike many fantasy series, this is one second book that you won't want to skip.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 1/17/05

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