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    Review of SEEDS OF HEAVEN by Tito Abao

    Trafford, April 2005

    Visitors from a distant star have come to the world known as Gaia, in order to help primative humans escape the confines of their DNA and achieve higher states of consciousness. Once on our Earth, though, these Arctureans mate with humans, creating a mixed race of great promise, but also great danger.

    War breaks out between sophisticated Atlantis and near-barbaric Thulia. Atlanta's dictator, Hister, becomes fixated on Thulia's destruction, to the point where he risks destroying the entire world. In the destruction, seas are emptied, lands ruined, deaths are multiplied, and Egypt is created, centered around the ancient Arcturean constructs of the pyramid and sphinx.

    Seraphis, a resident of New Atlantis (which is to become Egypt) finds himself moving through the planes of heaven. No'e's ark preserves No'e's life and that of his family, but Ham suffers visions of Adam and Eve becoming trapped in their physical bodies. And the emperor of the east sees many of his subjects ascend, but remains behind to help those who have more to accomplish on earth.

    Author Tito Abao combines new age mysticism with history and mythology to construct a tale of our earth at the dawn of history. Abao's strong writing kept me involved in the story--which centers on Seraphis's ascention through the heavens.

    SEEDS OF HEAVEN is a bit light on conventional plot--doubtless because the new age philosophy dispenses with many of the ingredients of plot. Still, I found it an entertaining and thought-provoking read.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 8/03/05

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