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    Review of RENEGADE'S RUN by Brenna Lyons, May 2004

    Psychic Jonas Paige has risen in the DoPT ranks through talent, ruthlessness, but most of all his psychic power. Although Paige is a member of a police organization, psychics are mistrusted and oppressed. Many of Paige's most dangerous enemies are fellow psychics gone rogue--gone renegade. When the most powerful psychic in DoPT goes renegade, Paige is promoted to 'Alpha One' and assigned the job of tracking him down. But Paige will need help and DoPT tasks him to rope in the powerful Randall family--the family whose lawsuit and power defined the role of psychics in the near-future America.

    The Randall family's weak link is Sarah--the one Randall with no offensive abilities. If Paige can convince her to join him, he has a chance against the renegade psychic. But the more Paige is exposed to DoPT politics and dirty-tricks, the more he starts to wonder who is really rogue.

    Author Brenna Lyons (see more reviews of novels by Lyons) blends adventure with sensual romance in an exciting near-future tale. Lyons highlights human appetites and ambitions--as well as the thin line between the law-abiding and the renegade. Lyons' strong writing sweeps the reader into the story, makes us care about the characters, their growing love, and the horrible dangers they face.

    Fans of both near-future SF and paranormal romance won't want to miss this exciting eNovel.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/18/05

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