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    Review of OUT OF THE BLUE by Tom Inabnet


    iUniverse, May 2004

    In a secret government lab, a team of scientists has nearly perfected a matter transmission device. Such a device would revolutionize transport, allow travel to the stars, and instantly allow a terrorist to send a bomb anywhere in the world. When one scientist pushes an experiment, apparently without permission from Dalton Parker, head of the lab, a chunk of the lab including the machine itself is sucked into the hands of a mercenary intent on selling the invention to the highest bidder. Parker, who is accidentally brought along, and special ops soldier John Starling must race against time to find a way to prevent the terrorists from learning the machine's secrets and putting themselves in position to blackmail the entire human race.

    As long as author Tom Inabnet keeps his focus on the adventure, OUT OF THE BLUE moves right along. Parker, with the lab, must find a way to prevent it from being used by the mercenaries. Starling must find the traitors in the Infinity Project and track them to wherever the mercenaries have hidden the lab. Gunfire, missiles, and rogue scientists make for an exciting tale. Inabnet's writing is weaker when it comes to the emotional side of the story. The beautiful but evil Amy just doesn't seem motivated to me (unlike the other badguys), and Sheri's quick switch from resentment to love for Parker doesn't seem convincing.

    If you're looking for an exciting adventure tale and don't mind skipping the mushy stuff, OUT OF THE BLUE may be just the ticket.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 3/07/05

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