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    Review of EXILE'S RETURN by Raymond E. Feist


    EOS, April 2005

    Defeated by magic and arms, Kaspar, Duke of Olasko, is magically exiled to a continent so distant it has little contact with his native land. Alone, weaponless, Kaspar must contend with fearsome desert nomads, hunger, and thirst. The lessons surprise Kaspar, though. The more time he spends with people who have to work to survive, the more odd his former life seems--and the more he questions many of the choices which led him to evil. But Kaspar's trials aren't just about personal growth. When a merchant approaches him, Kaspar is thrust into a strange mystery. The merchants discovered an artifact, an animated suit of armor, that has cast a geas over them. They've got to take it somewhere--where no one knows. The only thing that is certain is that, if they take a wrong turn, another of the merchants dies.

    Burdened with the lifesized artifact, Kaspar explores a part of the world known only by mythology, meets the ghost of a long-vanished god, and chats with the god of thiefs. But then he faces the greatest challenge yet--a return to his homeland where his life will be instantly taken.

    Author Raymond E. Feist (see more reviews of novels by Feist) creates a fascinating and fast-moving tale. Kaspar makes a sympathetic protagonist--not all goodie-goodie, but a man with a troubled and dangerous past--and powerful enemies on both sides of the good-evil split. The chats with the gods are delightful and the growing realization of the power of the artifact--and the danger that it represents for the entire world increase the stakes for the reader.

    EXILE'S RETURN is Book Three in the CONCLAVE OF SHADOWS series but it's really not necessary to read the earlier book. One word of warning--the book ends on a cliff-hanger. I'll definitely be on the lookout for Book Four.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 4/09/05

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