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    Review of ELECTRONIC ECHOES OF THE MIND by Wade A. Kimberlin (see his website)

    Mundania Press, May 2005

    Years earlier, Jake Turner took the blame for a major spaceship crackup and has been fighting to get his job as pilot back ever sense. Now that he has a second-rate job piloting a third-rate freighter, he doesn't want to lose it--especially when his friend Bob comes to him with another of his odd requests (they generally seem to involve holo-pornography) and some crazy religious nuts start referring to him as the bearer.

    Jake tries to keep his nose clear and stay out of trouble, but Bob and the religious nuts know which buttons to push--involving his guilt over his dead ex-girlfriend. And Jake finds himself plunged into the battle between an evil conglomerate, multiple space systems, and an alliance of small traders. Then there's his artificial intelligence--which seems to be getting more intelligent by the moment.

    Author Wade A. Kimberlin creates an exciting update to the old-fashioned space opera, and there's a lot to like here. The religious nuts are attempting to transplant their memories into electronics, the evil space corporation is trying to take over the solar system, and Jake can't even trust the people who are supposed to be his friends. There's an intriguing four-way love triangle involving Jake, his dead (but not absent) girlfriend, his AI, and the sexy pilot of another merchant ship, high-speed chases, and space battles.

    Anyone looking for some slash-bam fun summer reading will want to add ELECTRONIC ECHOES to their list. I'm happy to recommend this one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/24/05

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