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    Review of DEAD AS A DOORNAIL by Charlaine Harris (see her website)

    Ace Books, May 2005

    Someone is hunting down the shape-shifters of Renard Parish, Louisianna, and Sookie Stackhouse's boss, bartender Sam, is shot. Sookie goes to her 'friend' hunky vampire Eric, for help and gets a replacement bartender, but Sookie's problems have only just started. Someone takes a shot at her and sets her house on fire. Then there's wanna-be-boyfriend and werewolf Alcide--who seems to have mixed feelings and ulterior motives in his pursuit of Sookie, Eric's continued interest, and ex-boyfriend Bill (the vampire), and a new love interest--a were tiger? It's enough to make a girl want to run away, except the were community suspects Sookie's brother, Jason, might be behind the shooting. And she's not going to let anything happen to the small bit of family she has left

    Sookie uses her mindreading talent to stay alive, but when you're facing the undead, shifters, and a couple of fairies, just trying to stay safe doesn't do the job. Still, she seems irresistible to all the guys she meets--which has to help.

    Author Charlaine Harris (see more reviews of novels by Harris) generally hits a tone that combines humor with action. Sookie makes an attractive every-man sort of hero, facing opponents who are horribly more powerful than she. The damage to her house, her concerns for the woman she killed, and her affection for her brother humanize her. Although I found DEAD AS A DOORNAIL to get off to a slow start, Harris definitely hooked me in the second half.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 6/03/05

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