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    Review of THE AMPHORA PROJECT by William Kotzwinkle

    Grove Press, October 2005

    It was the culmination of countless dreams. The Amphora Project promised to bring immortality to humans, allow them to reclaim any physical moment for their bodies, continue on as long as the stars shined. Achieving success with the project, bringing immortality has become an obsession to the planet's leaders--and nothing would be allowed to stand in its way. Even when it became obvious that something was horribly wrong--even as people began transforming into crystal rocks--the project had to be continued. And when a few people rebelled, tried to stop the project before it stopped everything, it was too late.

    Aliens from another dimension threaten humanity, and all life in our own universe. Against them, the military is completely helpless, and the government isn't even interested in fighting. Instead, a motley crew of old pirates, bug-scientists, robots, and Lizardo, the navigator, offer humanity's only hope.

    Author William Kotzwinkle reaches into Science Fiction's tradition of space opera to deliver a battle against energy-sucking extra-dimensional aliens, romantic robots, and has-been pirates upon whom the fate of the universe rests. It's a good effort, but Kotzwinkle doesn't quite pull it off. For me, at least, the characters never quite came to life, their romances didn't seem integral to the individuals, and it was hard to get excited about whether any of them managed to stay alive or joined the mob being transformed to crystal.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 11/19/05

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