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    Review of SILVERLANCE by Peter Thomas Crowell


    PTC Publications, 2003

    When a new star appears, satyr Byron Thorn sets out to follow it--partly because of its compelling pull, and partly because of the legend of Silverlance. Silverlance had been king of the lands, but had vanished so long ago that he had faded into legend. One of those legends, though, held that the new star would herald a new age, and Silverlance's return. Byron gathers allies as he pursues his quest, but faces powerful enemies as well--including a centaur who would stop at nothing to stop Byron from achieving his quest.

    Author Peter Thomas Crowell combines classical myths with high-fantasy for an entertaining story. Targeted at the young adult market, but with cross-over appeal to adult fantasy readers, Silverlance combines adventure with the realities of danger and loss.

    SILVERLANCE is Crowell's first novel and it could use a bit more work in characterization, making the story fully his own. Still, it is an entertaining read. I'll look forward to seeing how Crowell's career develops--SILVERLANCE is certainly a promising start.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 11/09/04

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