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    Review of TO RULE IN AMBER by John Gregory Bethancourt


    ibooks, September 2004

    Dworkin has created a new pattern--one that sends shock-waves and chaos storms throughout the old world of Chaos, but now he and his family have been denounced as traitors. Oberon, Dworkin's son, does his best to gather up the remnants of the family. The lords of Chaos will not sit still for the creation of a new power--one that might even be more potent than the ancient Logrus which forms the basis for the entire realm of Chaos. Fiercely manipulating the new shadow worlds cast by the pattern, Oberon begins construction of an entire new world--the one true world of Amber.

    The pattern allows possibilities and alliances that were impossible in Chaos--but the ancient rules of betrayal and military might still apply. Oberon has many enemies, but only some of them are in the party of Chaos's king. Even within Chaos, a power struggle threatens to upset the king's rule--but whether this will benefit Oberon's family or destroy it remains to be seen.

    Author John Gregory Bethancourt continues building the stories of early Amber (see more reviews of novels by Bethancourt). Bethancourt writes of the generation before Roger Zelazny's wonderful 'nine princes,' a generation where Chaos and Amber mingle more closely and where Amber is not yet the center of the universe. A respectful co-creator, Bethancourt is careful to set the stage for Zelazny's even more powerful stories.

    TO RULE IN AMBER shares the strengths of the earlier novels in this series. Fans of Amber will definitely want to read what may be the strongest of Bethancourt's series, so far. I thought Bethancourt left a few story-lines dangling (wasn't Oberon going to come back to the head in the tree), and the eventual climactic battle was a bit of an anticlimax. Still, that didn't keep RULE from being an entertaining re-examination of the Amber creation story.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 12/11/04

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