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    Review of RAVEN'S SHADOW by Patricia Briggs (see her website)

    Ace, August 2004

    Tier Baker is returning home from the wars when he comes across an all-too-familiar sight. A Traveller has been burned and now the townsmen are trying to decide what to do with the young female traveller. Tier interveins, but there is something here more important than just a murder. Because someone wants Seraph, the young traveller woman--and means to have her no matter what Tier can do.

    Working together, Tier, with Seraph's traveller magic, are able to defeat this enemy, but travellers continue so suffer attacks. Over time, dozens, hundreds of the memory medals of the travellers comes to Seraph--indicating the destruction of anothe traveller clan. What Seraph knows, and what few others believe, is that the travellers are fighting against the evil that threatens to overtake the world--and that evil is on the walk again. When that evil reaches to seize Tier, Seraph and their children are willing to turn the world to save him--but what can they do against the forces that have already killed thousands of travellers?

    Author Patricia Briggs creates a fascinating world, a fully developed and intriguing magic system, and several complex and well-rounded characters in this superior fantasy novel. Tier, with his bard-talent and his fundamantal moral compass, and Phoran (the 26th, or maybe 27th) make especially sympathetic characters.

    RAVEN'S SHADOW is the first book in a series--I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/11/04

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