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    Review of NEW SPRING: THE NOVEL by Robert Jordan


    TOR, January 2004

    There's a war going on but, according to seer Gitara, something much more important has happened. The long-awaited, long-feared The Dragon is reborn and the world has entered its end-times. The Aes Sedai mobilize to find the newborn baby--the first man in centuries destined to be able to use magic without destroying himself because prophesies state that he is essential if good is to have a hope (not a certainty) of survival. But even Aes Sedai secrecy cannot keep suspicion from getting out to the evil as well--and they will do anything necessary to keep the Dragon from surviving until that battle.

    Moiraine Damodred and her friend Siuan are only Accepted--trainees in Aes Sedai magic, but they have the fortune (or misfortune) to hear the seer's last prophesy. They resolve to seek out the Dragon themselves once raised to Aes Sedai status--which the crisis soon requires. But their quest is not easy--thousands of babies were born during the critical period and the Aes Sedai records are incomplete. To succeed, they'll have to break all the rules and put themselves in danger. And when they do, they discover a more terrible secret. Even the near-holy Aes Sedai are corrupt, riddled by a secret order who are sabotaging everything the Aes Sedai stand for. Two brand new inductees don't stand much of a chance against the accumulated power of evil, but doing nothing isn't an option.

    Author Robert Jordan has become one of the top names in modern fantasy by delivering a solid tale that combines adventure, fascinating world-building, and character development. NEW SPRING delivers on all of these elements and makes a highly entertaining read. Unlike many of Jordan's books, SPRING is relatively short and self-contained. It is billed as a prequel to his huge-selling WHEEL OF TIME series and can be read by readers new to Jordan or unwilling to undertake the multi-thousand page investment in the full opus. If you read fantasy, you'll want to add NEW SPRING to your list.

    Four Star

    Reviewed 2/03/04

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