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    Review of MARQUE AND REPRISAL by Elizabeth Moon (see her website)


    Del Rey, October 2004

    Kylara Vatta isn't sure she's cut out for the boring life of a space trader--the role her super-rich merchant family slotted her into. But when interstellar communications are cut, and the entire Vatta family is attacked and nearly eliminated, Kylara finds that the trading life can be anything but boring. Somehow, she's got to stay alive, get her ship loaded when the insurance companies refuse to insure anything Vatta, get some defenses up on her slow ship, and decide what to do. When her great-aunt sends Kylara's sexy cousin to help, Kylara isn't sure whether she's moving ahead, or falling behind. But the strangest thing is the official letter of Marque--authorizing her to go after her planet's enemies--but in a superslow and defenseless merchant-ship?

    Author Elizabeth Moon (see more reviews of novels by Moon) brings back fond memories of the glory days of space opera. Two young women, both considered failures by their family, are now all that stands between their family and ruin (that is, the two of them plus some highly potent fruitcakes).

    MARQUE AND REPRISAL doesn't have the depth of character or really complex plotting as do some of Moon's fantasy, but if you're looking for solid space-opera adventure, you won't be disappointed.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 11/07/04

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