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    Review of THE LAST GUARDIAN OF EVERNESS by John C. Wright

    TOR, August 2004

    For centuries, the Waylock family has guarded the doorway between the world of dreams and our own mundane world. Galen Waylock, the young heir to the wardens, receives a prophetic dream from the founder of their family--calling for him to come to the end of the world and visit. Despite his grandfather's orders, Galen responds, sets across a dreamscape and into danger. Because the forces of darkness are readying their assault, planning to carry all before them. Where once the Wardens were a huge host, now there remain only two--an old man and an impetuous youth who is all to easy to trick into a trap.

    Three people, Raven, his wife Wendy (who once knew how to fly), and Galen's crippled father Peter are all that remains holding the ancient barrier of Everness against plague, death, seelies, and the morning star himself. Great weapons were made for Everness's defenses, but Peter refused the knowledge and Raven and Wendy know even less.

    Author John C. Wright (see more reviews of novels by Wright) combines Arthurian legend; Celtic, Greek, and Christian mythology; with fairy tales and Freemasonic rumors to create a fascinating and compelling contemporary fantasy. None of the characters is perfect--Galen is impetuous, Peter bitter, Wendy flighty, and Raven willing to compromise on what is too important. Similarly, many of the characters of darkness have their own appeal--evil is rarely unadorned ugliness.

    Wright's strong writing, story-telling, and world-building make THE LAST GUARDIAN OF EVERNESS a book that's hard to put down.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/26/04

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