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    Review of FIRE OF GOD by J. M. Kelly

    iUniverse, January 2004

    An angel appears in William KaRel's office with frightening news. The Bible, which most inhabitants of this planet believe to be fiction brought by lost space travelers is true and Satan is attempting a takeover of KaRel's world. But the angel offers hope as well. One of KaRel's sons will take the ring the angel leaves and save the planet--and the galaxy--from Satan's demonic forces. As far as the other son goes, the news is less favorable.

    As youngest son Joseph grows, he studies the martial arts and tries to stay clear of his older brother, Michael. But Satan's attack comes too soon and the ring selects Joseph. In his bitterness, Michael rejects God and chooses to ally with Satan. With Satan's help, almost the entire world is taken over by Michael's forces. Joseph barely escapes murder and survives to lead a desperately outnumbered rebellion. Yet the ring and his faith in God give him strength to be virtually unbeatable no matter how badly outnumbered he is--until Satan discovers a way to undermine that faith and strip the forces of good of their greatest weapon.

    Author J. M. Kelly writes an exciting adventure of human bravery, strength of faith, and power of redemption--without stinting on the power of evil as well. Kelly is obviously a story-teller rather than a craftsman and his prose is sometimes rough or redundant. But the power of his story and his belief kept me going despite occasional glitches in style.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 4/24/04

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