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    Review of DAUGHTER OF EXILE by Isabel Glass

    TOR, March 2004

    Angarred Hashan was raised far from the royal court after her father's exile but, when her father is assassinated, she returns hoping to find justice. Instead, she finds a court torn by rivalry as the aging king declines, his niece suffers from insanity, and his nephew and a power-mad wizard vie for control. With the help of a sexy but drug-addicted mage and the one other loyal member of the court, Angarred begins to see that invisible hands are controlling everything--pushing the world toward violence and destruction.

    In a series of adventures, Angarred luckily runs into a palace servant who knows the secret passages that give Angarred access to the secrets, travels through the forest and learns about woman's magic (denied by the male wizards), and learns of the magic stone that limits all magic and prevents another outbreak of the wizard wars that once nearly destroyed the planet. She also finds herself attracted to the sexy wizard/addict and increasingly fond of the nobleman who helps her.

    Author Isabel Glass starts strong with her description of Angarred's exile, the doomed inevitability of her father's destruction, and the introduction of the tortured addict/mage. But the story weakens from there as coincidence is piled on coincidence as Angarred survives the most unlikely dangers and conveniently discovers all of the kingdom's secrets. Glass's writing is occasionally very strong but she sometimes oversimplifies her construction, letting the reader feel that he/she is being taken through a young adult title rather than a serious work of fantasy.

    Still, with the strong beginning and a wealth of adventure, it's easy to understand why TOR purchased this first-time author. As her talent matures, I look forward to reading more from Glass in the future.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 5/28/04

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