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    Review of ACORNA'S TRIUMPH by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

    EOS, March 2004

    Review by Jennifer Vilches

    Acorna's Truimph is the seventh and final book in the Acorna series by Anne McCaffrey (see more reviews of novels by McCaffrey) and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (see more reviews of novels by Scarborough). Acorna is a young linyaari (a humanoid-unicorn species) who was raised by humans. In previous books, she has had many adventures to be reunited with the other linyaari and free their home planet from the insect-like khleevi. In Acorna's Truimph, Acorna is reunited with her missing lifemate Aari who has been time-traveling with the feline shape-changer Grimalkin. Acorna bounces from one crisis to another across space and time, chasing thieves and rescuing people, all while trying to solve the mystery of Aari's strange behavior.

    The plot reads like a series of television episodes -- each crisis is neatly wrapped up and then the characters move on to the next adventure. Several of the supporting characters aren't much more than clichés and even the main characters seem shallow at times. However, it is entertaining in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way and the action does bop along fairly swiftly.

    This light-hearted jaunt through space and time with almost-magical unicorn people will mostly appeal to young adults. Older readers might want to try Scarborough's Nothing Sacred or books from McCaffrey's Pern series.

    One Star

    Reviewed 2/02/04

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