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    Review of THE WHITE DRAGON by Laura Resnick (see her website)


    TOR, June 2003

    After centuries of occupation, Sileria stands at the brink of liberation. Yet internal feuding among Sileria's population can destroy far more than her occupiers ever did. With the undisputed leader, Josarian, killed by treachery, his heirs must battle both the occupiers and the waterlords who, togther with their assassins, wish to create a new nation that only they control. But if the waterlords are successful, they will destroy the Guardians who worship and use fire, and their nation will be one of slaves and masters.

    Josarian's blood-brother, Tansen, is one key to the island's survival. Constantly accompanied by a sea-born youth, Tansen alone has the charisma and respect to unite the people of Sileria against the water wizards, encouraging them to rise up against their oppressors of a thousand years. Yet Tansen is sickened by the acts of his allies, tired of the treachery that is a constant in Sileria, and uncertain how to seek his fate. His young associate's constant prodding to go to the sea and become consort to the sea goddess is hardly a help.

    Nor are the enigmatic prophecies of Mirabar, the fire priestess obsessed with Josarian's death. Mirabar sees a new ruler--one who unites both water and fire. In a thousand years, Sileria has never known anything but war between followers of the two elements, but this is not the worst aspect of Mirabar's prophesy. Because she doesn't know who this future ruler is. The nation needs a ruler now, not in some distant future time. And the waterlords are moving swiftly to fill the gap.

    Author Laura Resnick (see more reviews of novels by Resnick) creates a rich and complex world of magic and conflicted individuals. Tansen, and the waterlord Kiloran are especially interesting--with past dark betrayals driving them forward. But other characters too, especially Ronall--the half Sileria, half Valdani lord show intriguing development and potential. Resnick's strong writing propells the story forward and makes the reader care about the outcome.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/14/03

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