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    Review of TALON OF THE SILVER HAWK by Raymond E. Feist


    EOS, 2003

    Click to buy TALON OF THE SILVER HAWK from Talon is in the mountains waiting for the vision that will usher him into manhood when mercenaries attack his village, destroying it and every other village of his people. Talon is leff for dead, but rescued by a band of magicians who save him at the price of his service. Talon begins a long period of training, first in mundane skills of hunting and food preparation, but later in language, swordfighting, and art. The magicians intend to use him for their purposes--good purposes, they assure him. Talon is willing--he is honor-bound to serve those who saved his life, but his patience is not unlimited. His most important, sacred, goal is to revenge his people.

    Author Raymond E. Feist (see more reviews of novels by Feist) combines solid action with the emotional richness of a young man who has his entire future uprooted on seeing the genocide of his people. Talon is imperfect enough to be sympathetic, yet uncannily skillful with weapons and women. TALON OF THE SILVER HAWK is set in Feist's Krondor/Riftwar universe and shows Feist's mastery of world-building.

    Feist's strong writing keeps the reader moving forward although much of the book serves as preparation for the action at the end. Even in this preparation, however, Talon finds himself facing truly evil enemies and wrestling with that most difficult of all subjects--women. TALON OF THE SILVER HAWK is an enjoyable and exciting opening to a new series. Good stuff.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/02/03

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