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    Review of SKY BOUNCE by Deanna Miller (see her website), May 2003

    On a different plane in our earthly environment, winged Hesper glories in her discovery--bounce-flying. Together with Tristran, the centaur-like male she has befriended against all the rules of her female society, Hesper bounce-flies. Her own wings, coupled with the strength of Tristran's legs, allows the two to fly farther, reach higher peaks, than either could alone. But violation of society's rules has its price and Hesper's society is under terrible attack. The planes of reality are blending together and her leaders send Hesper to our own earth-plane to help preserve the balance.

    The voyage costs Hesper her memories, but a feeling remains. When a strange boy appears in her school, she feels an inexplicable attraction. Although the story he tells of danger, interplanar travel, and of secrets is hard to believe, Hesper finds herself willing to take a chance. But the dangers are even more serious than her friend had feared and Hesper is thrust directly into a danger to herself and to everyone she loves.

    SKY BOUNCE sends a positive message of hope and individual responsibility, as well as a warning to look beneath the obvious answers. Deanna Miller targets the young adult market and hits. Young readers, especially girls, will find the message, the positive picture of boy-girl relationships, and the strong spirituality to be satisfying without being preachy. I'm not sure about the physics of bounce-flying, but I'd certainly like to give it a try myself.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 5/31/03

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