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    Review of SATURN by Ben Bova (see his website)

    TOR, June 2003

    Holly Lane loves her sister Pancho, but she needs to find her own way and man's first voyage to Saturn looks like the perfect opportunity. Besides, Holly has fallen in love with the human resources director, Malcom Eberly and she'd follow Eberly anywhere. What Holly doesn't know is that New Morality, the theocratic government that has taken over running Earth, has decided to ensure that the freedom-loving and anarchistic scientists and engineers on the Saturn mission don't take too many freedoms. Morality will be preserved no matter what the cost, and Holly Lane's innocence, or even her life, is a small price to pay.

    Author Ben Bova (see more reviews of novels by Bova) creates a fascinating near-future. Man has reached for the planets and moons, but Earth still holds much of the power and Earth is afraid of the future. Watching Eberly take control of the mission while he is simultaneously professing a great faith in freedom (to be surrendered only in times of emergency) is interesting and Bova makes it convincing.

    SATURN is part of a continuing series of Ben Bova stories about Pancho Lane and the rebels who have created a future when most of humanity was running from it. Fans of the series will be pleased to see a combination of new characters and old favorites. SATURN may be read independently without any loss of enjoyment.

    SF fans will also enjoy Bova's explanation for the mysterious rings of Saturn--and how it is that they are able to maintain themselves in the face of that planet's gravitational force.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 7/13/03

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