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    Review of RALLY POINT by David Sherman


    February 2003

    The Dark Prince's invasion is going flawlessly, everywhere except where it has run into a small band of sea warriors--self-styled marines. Admittedly, a few marines shouldn't be able to do much against nation-destroying hordes, but the Dark Prince doesn't believe in taking chances. He sends his magicians to spy on the marines, determine their plans, and to prepare for their complete destruction.

    Spinner and Haft, guided by the immortal readings from a Marine Sergeant, have gathered a small group of refugees--troops whose nations were destroyed or who deserted before they could fight (few other than Spinner and Haft have actually survived a battle with the Dark Prince's army). But with the Dark Prince's eye on them, and with bandits, bad weather, and restless locals, the Marines are in big trouble. Still, when they have an opportunity to ambush and defeat a small band of the Prince's men, the defeated soldiers in their band start to perk up. With the help of their mage, and of a wolf who understands human speech, they develop a plan to make the Prince pay more than he wants for his victory. Of course, this assumes that their own differences, including romantic complications, don't cause the Marines to self-destruct first.

    Author David Sherman delivers an action-packed tale of magic and heroism. The Marine elements give the story a bit of grounding in our own universe, and the magic system is close enough to modern technology to allow Marine doctrine to work. Sherman's writing is effective and helps compell the reader through the story. The character development and interactions helps raise the novel above a purely adventure story. RALLY POINT is an enjoyable light read.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 5/10/03

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