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    Review of MONSTROUS REGIMENT by Terry Pratchett (see his website)


    HarperCollins, October 2003

    Borogravia has declared war on all of its neighbors, depopulated its land, and its last army is now bottled up and waiting to starve. Even mighty Ankh-Morpork has been drawn in when Borogravia's god declares the Ankh-Morpork telegraph system an abomination (just about everything, from stones to the color blue have been declared abominations by Borogravia's god). Worse for Borogravia's hopes of winning, Ankh-Morpork has sent Lord Vimes to oversee its operations. But Borogravia isn't prepared to give up. It's recruiters are scouring the country for anyone to fill the uniform and be thrown into service. So, when a woman, a vampire, an igor, a woman who talks to the supposedly long-dead Duchess, and a troll try to enlist, Sergeant Jackrum signs them up.

    Jackrum's company is about the most unlikely group of heros ever to enlist, but Borogravia doesn't really need heros--heros have gotten them into the problems they have. Instead they need practical. And Jackrum and his group are exactly that--and something that Vimes sees as an opportunity to solve some of his problems as well. Through a series of misadventures and very good reporting, Jackrum's group become famous, get a chance to kick a prince in the uh, socks, and generally change the history of Discworld.

    Author Terry Pratchett (see more reviews of books by Pratchett) delivers a wonderfully funny, thoughtful, and timely story. MONSTROUS REGIMENT combines laugh-out-loud humor with a thoughtful commentary on war and the human condition (with human being defined broadly, of course). If you aren't already a Pratchett fan, MONSTROUS REGIMENT will make you one. If you are, you're probably already looking for an excuse to sit down and read it. Well, don't wait any longer, soldier. Get it done.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/18/03

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